Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Generate the VIRUS

NOTE : Coding learning purpose only
first we see DOS attack,In his DOS attacks to create a fake virus,Its not very dangerous,its fun to send your friend,open the notepad and type start press enter similar type more than 5 times and type virus.bat....then save fake.bat file system enjoy

Monday, June 28, 2010


virus is unauthorised service in computer.virus can spread throughout via data or file system, its corrupt the database ,those virus are spread using some device and internet ,If u have updated antivirus u will secure your data and file ,type of attack
1.dos attack
2.exe attack
3.patch and crack attack
4.trojan attack etc.....


Hacking is nothing but crack and control the system ..In the learn of hacking break the security and prevent the computer from virus and others ,data can be safe and securely,many activity of hacking..., to access computer networks, legally ..In institute to learn ethical hacking courses ...And to be a ethical hacker .its not vendor product ... ethical hacking ..
hacker can hack any security and destroy the firewall..In ethical hacking is an illegal one but company provide some authority to hacking prevent the database safe and security from another hacker..